Belle Gibson show

We are back with Bella Gibson’s first anal quest and we are all invited to see it. Although you can find a lot of chicks having their first anal experience around here, it takes us a while to find chicks that are willing to do and do it with a camera in front of them rolling. But the great thing about these chicks is that all of them want a career in the business so this works out great for all of us. The sexy girls show us what they got and we share it with you guys. If you like this you must check out the hot anal angels getting their asses fucked in some nasty anal sex scenes as well, you are going to love them. Bella found the perfect time to try out her first anal and that’s Christmas time.

This is the nicest present she could’ve give her boyfriend and he was the happiest man when he heard it. To keep it in the holiday spirit she waited for him wearing her little red hat and some red heels and that was it. The guy ease her into it and took care of her pussy first, but after he finished banging it, it was time. Bella was finally going to get that fine ass of hers fucked and it was amazing. As you already know you got the best seat in the house for that. Make sure you check it all out in the gallery below!

Belle Gibson show

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First Anal Quest Mila Gilbert

First anal quest is back yet again and there’s more hot chicks trying anal fucking for the first time to see here. Let’s enjoy the company of little miss Mila Gilbert this time as we have this new and fresh teen straight out of the studio to show off. She is a brunette with dark long hair and green eyes and she is also very very eager to get to try herself some nice and thick cock in the ass today. In her scene you will get to watch the teen babe take her time to experience her firstanalquest for plenty of time this afternoon. well we’re guessing you guys want to check her out so let’s just get the show rolling and see her in some action this afternoon shall we?

This hot teen admits that she enever ever got to anally fuck to the dude, but she does also admit that she’s more than eager to try it out and see how it feels as all her female buddies adore it. So naturally she got curious. Well this guy she was with was the perfect guy do do it with as not only does he pack a nice and thick cock but he is also an expert to introducing lovely little ladies like her to the ins and outs of this sort of thing. See her offering up her ass on the sofa and see the guy slowly fucking her butt as she moans. Before you knowing she was getting herself a hard style anal pounding and you get to watch it all only here. See you all soon!


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Mary Adams First Anal

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new first anal quest scene here. As you know, this is the place to be when you want to see some hot and kinky babes plowed in the ass and you know we always strive to have the best of the best here. We always have the hottest teens getting nasty and the tightest asses getting stretched nice and wide for the very first time and you get to see it all. So enjoy the sight of these hotties having fun. Anyway, today we can check out the hot blonde teen Mary Adams as she gets her first experience in this firstanalquest of hers and you can see all the action that went down on camera today!


The babe makes her entry with the guy following her and as you can see, in the beginning she was sporting a superb looking black corset and black panties. Well those undies come off quick as you can probably tell that she was quite eager to get it hard in the ass already. But first and foremost she gets to have her sweet pussy plowed too. Well, sit back and relax as you can see her fucking hard style on the red leather couch today throughout the afternoon. It’s a treat to see her moan in pleasure while the cock fucks her ass and we hope to have more like her in the future here as well. And do check out the past scenes too for even more great galleries!

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Olivia Kiss Gallery

Hey there guys and gals, welcome back to some more all new and all sweet first anal quest scenes here. We bring you more all new babes that get to have their fun on camera and you can check them out of course without delay. This week’s teen to get her first anal fucking experience is miss Olivia Kiss, a blonde with a simply delicious body that loves to fuck hard. So take your time and enjoy the front row seats to this simply amazing show with her. You will get to see her getting down and dirty quite a lot in her firstanalquest scene today and be sure that the gallery has plenty of images to check out with her having anal sex as well!

When her scene starts off, the babe and the guy were already busy kissing and caressing one another for your viewing pleasure. And it’s all to make the babe feel comfy about it all, even though she was super horny and could barely compose herself to wait for the anal fuck. See her sucking his dick to lube it nicely of course, and only after does she bend over and she also gets a anal finger fucking from the guy to prep her horny hole for his cock. And when he does penetrate her, you get to see her cute and tight ass stretched nice and wide by that thick cock today. Enjoy the sight of her first anal fuck caught on cam and have fun with Olivia’s scene! For similar videos and pics, check out the African fuck tour site and see other cock hungry ladies getting ass fucked! Have fun and see you next time!  Bye!

Olivia Kiss first anal

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First Anal Lola Jones

It’s that time of the week again and you know what that means don’t you? first anal quest brings you the sight of another new and hot teen babe fucking anally for the first time and on camera as well and as you know, there’s no shortage of adorable ladies eager to take it hard. Today we want you to meet Lola Jones, a little lovely lady that loves fucking more than anything and apart from showing you how much she loves sex, you can also take your time to see her taking it in the ass for the first time today too. Well let’s not waste anymore time and beat around the proverbial bush and let’s see her playing kinky and naughty today!

first-anal-quest-lola-jones The hot teen managed to get herself this stud at the club this afternoon. It seems that she was much too eager to get to do some fucking, so she wasn’t going to wait until nightfall to get herself some pleasing. And while she was at it, the guy agreed to go back to her place but only if she’d do anal too. Well that’s something that this cutie always wanted to try out, so this would be her firstanalquest here. Watch the sweet and sexy petite babe as she gets her pussy fingered while she gets anally plowed from behind as well. She ended up having a orgasm by the end of it all too, so you can bet she has no regrets about trying it out! Bye bye!

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Liza Shay’s 1st Time

Hello there and welcome back to even more sweet and sexy first anal quest scenes. It’s time to see a beauty that discovered her love for taking it in the ass for the first time here and her scene is the most enjoyable thing that you can get to see to date as well. So let’s sit back and watch little miss Liza Shay as she gets to show off herself in action too. One thing that you need to know about this little teen babe is that she has a record for making guys fuck her until they walk funny after and we thing she’s going to be the same in regards to anal sex too. Anyway, let’s get those firstanalquest cameras rolling and let’s check her out in action today!

For her first time miss Liza sure went all out and kinky too. There’s no real foreplay in her scene to speak of, the two just got naked fast…or rather, the little cutie made sure they were and started to go at it on the couch. Check them out doing a sixty nine as well as the babe sucks and deep throats his cock while she gets her pussy licked. Anyway, once that’s done, you get to see her bend over and eager to take it. Just take your time to enjoy seeing her anally fucked balls deep in her sweet and sexy scene here. We’ll see you again soon with more new babes and their first ventures into the land of anal pleasures too. Bye bye for now !


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First Anal Quest Gallery Jessica Dickens

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new and sexy first anal quest scenes just like always. We know you guys just adore seeing these babes have their first experience in taking it up the bum hole and you know it’s always a treat to see them ending up enjoying it quite a lot. Well today we get to see another babe by the name of Jessica Dickens getting her lime light…hehe, Dickens…well she’s sure going to be receiving plenty of that today. All jokes aside though, you will just love seeing this cutie getting herself some serious cock in her sweet tight ass for this firstanalquest scene and there’s plenty of images to check out in her gallery!

Jessica Dickens anal fuck

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Lexy Fox First Anal

This week’s new first anal quest scene is sure to floor you all when you get to see the hot teen babe that gets to play naughty in it. You get treated to a nice gallery featuring a smoking hot red head with dark red hair as she fucks anally today with a big dicked stud and you get to watch the whole scene of her getting kinky. Her name is Lexy Fox and she’s quite the foxy looking teen lady too. We bet you’ll have enough fantasies with her after the scene is over and be sure that that’s exactly what this lovely little lady would want too. Anyway, let’s not delay any longer as we guess you;re curious to see what when down so let’s get the show rolling!

The teen and the guy get on the sofa when they enter through the door. You don’t need to know where they come from, just that they are ready and eager to fuck and the babe is going to experience her firstanalquest today as well with the aid of the guy too. So watch her keeping just her shirt on for the guy and see her letting him play with all of her lady curves too. You can then see her laying belly down and lifting her cute ass up so that the guy may have easy access. And now that his cock was all nice and lubed by her juicy lips it would slide in easy. Watch her getting fucked hard and fast in the ass today as she moans. There will be more to see next week so stay tuned!


Watch this teen getting her ass fucked for the first time!

First Time Katty West

Today’s first anal quest is just as delicious as the many past ones that you got to check out thus far around this place. And you know we never fail to bring you some truly sexy scenes with incredible babes too. Let’s check out another kinky one today as we get to enjoy the sight of miss Katty West doing her play session in this scene. She’s a amazing looking teen with long hair braided in pigtails and today she gets to experience the benefits of anal in her firstanalquest session too. Be sure that after this was done, the babe just found out a whole new world of pleasure and she’s not likely to give it up too soon either. Anyway let’s start off the show!

first-anal-quest-katty-westTake a look at this naughty teen making her entry followed by the guy today and as they enter the room, check her out kissing and caressing the guy as they make their way to her bedroom. Once there they make quick work of their clothes and the babe gets to spread her legs for him to have that moist pussy eaten too. And she repays the oral favor with some cock sucking as well. But as you can guess, the best part is when that cock gets to slide right in her cute ass. Enjoy seeing her moan at the hard ass fucking she receives today and have fun with the view. We’ll return again next week with a new collection of hot teens and anal scenes! For similar anal sex scenes, check out the site and have fun watching some kinky mistresses getting their tight assholes stretched by big tools!

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First Anal Quest Julia Blair

Hey there again everyone. We’re here with more all superb and fresh first anal quest scenes for you to check out and it’s another impressive one that gets to grace your screens today to say the least. You get to have the pleasure of watching another wild and sexy teen getting her first ass plowing this afternoon and it’s a delicious collection of images with that to be sure. Her name is Julia Blair and this blonde beauty thought that it was about time she experienced anal at least once so naturally she got herself a nice guy with a huge cock to fuck her hard in this firstanalquest scene right here. Let’s watch her in some superb action for the afternoon!

Well first and foremost you can be sure that she had a very very easy time getting herself this guy all to herself. All she needed to do was bat her eyelashes at him and she had him snared to do all that she wants. Well watch them going back to her place and once there you can see her getting around to suck him off as well to make sure that that cock is nice and hard for the next bit. Then you can see her enjoying the proper taking of her anal fucking from the guy as she moans in pleasure for you and it’s just a treat to check out. Enjoy it and we will have more for you just like it next week. we’ll be seeing you all then. Bye bye and have fun everyone!


Enjoy this teen getting her ass fucked for the first time!

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